Kansas City Hail – Free Roof and Exterior Inspection

  • April 1, 2014

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March Hail in Kansas City 2014

A photo of large hailstones that fell in Southeastern Kansas City in March 2014The first hailstorm to hit KC in 2014 rolled through Southeastern Kansas City last Thursday (3/27/2014). This powerful storm had strong 40 mph wind gusts and dropped 1 to 2 inch hailstones in South Kansas City MO, Grandview MO and Raytown MO. People are starting to look to roofers to help them inspect their roofs for hail damage. Crestwood Roofing (www.crestwoodroofing.com) is happy to inspect not only your roof, but your windows, siding and gutters for hail damage, also. If you need a new roof or windows and siding, we will handle your insurance claim. Plus, every new roof nets you a free iPad Mini Retina as our way of saying thanks for trusting Dan and Joe at Crestwood Roofing (click for details).

Hail Damage Takes (A Little) Time to Ruin Your Roof

Sometimes hail damage is obvious with sever divots in the roof and dents or tears in siding. Many times, however, it takes a trained inspector to spot hail damage that will fester over a couple of years resulting in leaks and their accompanying water damage, mold and wood rot. This is because most hail strikes cause a subtle dimple in composition roofing which will cause the granules protecting the lower layers from the sun and rain to come off at a faster than expected rate. Instead of your roof lasting 20 or 30+ years depending on the type of roofing materials, your hail damaged roof might be ruined in 2 or 3 years. Insurance plans that cover hail damage cover the replacement of the damaged exterior surfaces right after the hail hits, before secondary damage occurs (e.g., leaks, mold and wood rot).

Get an Inspection Before the Insurance Adjustor Comes Out

It is a good idea to call Crestwood Roofing (816) 255-0994 right away for an inspection if you were hit by hail. We can prepare an inspection report for the insurance adjustor which will document your damages with photos and descriptions making it more difficult for the adjustor to refuse your claim. Also, Crestwood Roofing will work your insurance claim throughout the process of getting your damages repaired or your exterior surfaces replaced.

Your Insurance Deductible

It is the law that you must pay your insurance deductible. No honest roofer will offer to do so. Our advice is to steer clear of dishonest roofers because they tend to cheat you in other ways, too.

Get a Free iPad Mini Retina or $400 Cash Card

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Give Crestwood Roofing a Call

Give us a call right away to get your home’s exterior inspected for hail damage. We will help you with your insurance claim and you will end up with an iPad Mini Retina if we put a new roof on for you.
Call 816-255-0994 and ask for Joe Day (mention that you found us on the internet).